How to Style Full Lace Wig

Wigs are full of fun and sometimes, they are necessary accessories to spice up a new style. Some people want their wigs look more natural. Is there any way? That’s sure. For example, to style the wigs. And today, I will introduce 3 ways to style a full lace wig from how to well apply the full lace wig to details on full lace wig style methods.

How to Well Apply A Full Lace Wig

STEP 1: Braid your own hair with the hair over the head cornrowed;

STEP 2: Add some blueberry bliss to smooth the front edges in case that there happens to any breakage or any damage during wearing the full lace wig;

STEP 3: Take the hairnet and wear the wig;

STEP 4: Add some concealer or pull out some rat tail part over the front edges;

STEP 5: Straight the curl hair and have some hair flapped on each sides to create a more natural hairline;

Two Bun Full Lace Wig Style

STEP 1: Section off the front hair into halves;

STEP 2: Bun the two bundles of hair respectively and well secured;

STEP 3: Curl the back of hair for better effect.

How to Style Full Lace Wig

Ponytail Full Lace Wig Style

STEP 1: Ponytail the hair only with the central hair, leaving out the hair on sides;

STEP 2: Make some hair on the front edges a little more loose for natural looking;

STEP 3: Have the ponytail into halves and curl them separately;

STEP 4: Twist them into a bun and secure, if you like;

How to Style Full Lace Wig

Two Braids Full Lace Wig Style

STEP 1: Braid the hair along with the front hairline and tie them on the back of the hair;

STEP 2: Take out some hair on both sides for flap effect;

Video Tutorial

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