Can You Dye Micro Braids?

As I mentioned in previous post, many women will make micro braids for various hair styles. In addition, different colors on micro braids could make them look more vividly. Yes, it can reach a perfect match with some colorful hair pieces and human hair. Without wearing the extra hair piece, how about dye hair with different colors? Or can you dye micro braids directly?

Can you dye Micro Braids?

can-you-dye-micro-braidsSome pictures from google will tell you the answer is yes. Various colors mix into micro braids do embellish your hairstyle. Before dyeing micro braids, you could remove the braids first to make the color during longer. Wanna to dye micro braids? You could have following color as choice, mottle color, permanent color or temporary color.

If you choose mottled color, the hair will get different effects from surface to interior hair. Why the suggestion is removing the braids first if you want to dye micro braids? The coloring will keep vivid with your hair in braids that you may get light color once the braids are released. Color spots ruin the hair style, even it do harmful to your hair. While, permanent hair will be safe, and the same time, it also need more steps when you are dying your micro braids. It’s better to make sure you could get hair neutralized by rinsing and shampooing, otherwise it will continue to process your hair. Be different with the permanent color, the temporary color is said to be much less damage. Without irritant colorant, the temporary color bring light chemical reactions. And the longer temporary color sits on the hair, the longer the color effect will last. Above three colors have different effects under situations, make the appropriate one with your micro braids will polish to the hair style changeable and modern.

How to dye Micro Braids?

You need a big package before dyeing your micro braids. There are shampoo, conditioner, hair dye, or we can call it colorant, brush, towels and timer. Make sure the hair is clean after rinse and shampoo the braids, gently detangle the braids by brushing through the entire head with a stiff-bristle brush.Then you dry the hair and rub the hair dye through the hair. It need to be noticed that, do this step with dye gloves to protect your skin on hand. Some steps you could learn from how to wash your micro braidsAnd the scalp is another area you should take notice with, because the hair dye will be irritant to the surface more or less. A kind suggestion is that you could put some scream on the scalp between the braids for better protection. After 10-30 minutes, it’s the time to rinsing the hair dye and dry your hair. Here, the timer could work better.

If you wouldn’t like to dye your micro braids but you also want to have color changes on the hair styles, the hair extensions are what you want. Human extension hair that has been previously colored may not attach the new color in the same way as your natural hair. Braids the hair extension into true human hairs to get chic instantly and it’s a good way to avoid hair damage with a cost.

Access to different ways on how to dye hair with braids to get the answer of can you dye Micro Braids. Hope you will enjoy reading this post.

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