The Surprising Benefits of a Short Hairstyle

It’s scary to get a short hairstyle when you’ve had long hair all your life. After all, long and healthy hair has been a symbol of beauty for ages. But let’s be honest. The same long hair gets boring after some time, and a part of you would love to try an exciting hairstyle that you’ve never tried before. Well, if you are not brave enough just yet to make the chop, we’re here to help you decide. After all, we are firm believers that short-haired women should rule the world. Here are the reasons why.

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1.Getting a short hair makes you mysterious.

There’s always a notion that a woman who drastically cuts her hair short is undergoing some sort of a letting-go-and-starting-anew phase. Or is she? Let people guess what made you decide to suddenly get a bob cut or a pixie hair. Let them wonder and be totally mysterious about it. You’ll leave them wanting to know more.

2.You will look relevant and modern.

Can you imagine a woman time traveler from the 1800s with a short hair? No, because short hairstyles are definitely for the modern woman. It makes you look sharp and smart while being gorgeous and fabulous at the same time.

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 3.You’ll look younger.

Getting the short hairdo is definitely the closest you can get to drinking the elixir of youth! Bob hairstyles open up your face by showing off your cheekbones, your tantalizing eyes, and that killer smile. The natural beauty of your face will surely be highlighted with a short hair more so than when you were letting your long mane cover half of your rosy cheeks.

4.You will save the Earth, one bottle of hair product at a time.

Think of all the money you will save when your hair is shorter. No more frequent trips to the grocery store to replace the shampoo and conditioner bottles that run out faster than your salary can regenerate. And the best part, you save the Earth too by consuming fewer products for your hair in general.

5.You’ll never be late again.

Have you ever been late because drying your soft, silky, and painfully long hair took all morning? Say goodbye to waiting less than an hour for your tresses to dry off. With a short hairstyle, drying your hair will be lightning fast, or close to it.

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6.You’ll experience ultimate hair freedom.

While women with long hairs are dying of summer heat; with a short hair, you’ll be enjoying the summer breeze as it cools your neck. You can even do the headbang movement at a concert without fear that you’ll look like a wicked witch after. Short hair has its way of returning back to its natural lovely form even without a comb.

If you’re not ready to part with your long locks yet, you can wear a short human hair wig from Addcolo! We have an amazing collection of short hair wigs that are 100% made of soft and smooth human hair. Our wigs are tangle-free and do not shed even after every wash.

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