Why Do Black Women Wear Wigs?

Why do black women wear wigs? Well, hair in the black community is a complicated, volatile topic. Historically, straight hair and curly/wavy hair have been seen as more social acceptable than kinky hair. Because of the so-called European standard of beauty?  When talking about that, we have to refer to the origin of black community.

Partially, it has its roots in slavery. During slavery, black people with lighter skin and curly hair were more likely to be house slaves, whereas black people with darker skin and kinky hair were relegated to the fields. Even though time is changing, some black women still think that natural black hair is seen as inappropriate and socially unacceptable. Oppositely, white hair is seen in western culture as being ideal and pretty. Especially those who are working in a professional fields like law, business, etc. white hair textures and styles can be regarded as the default dress code; thus that results in why so many of them will choose to wear weaves or wigs instead of straightening their hair directly.

black women wear wigs instead of straighten hair directly

Something should be noted here is that older black women who are prior to 1960, were not that much available to tools and products to straighten the hair, while considering the due social situation that it was uncommon for black women to walk around with natural hair. So weaves or wigs here were a great help for them.

Still any other reasons why black women wear wigs?

Well, here’s the key reason is that to take care of their hair is such time-consuming, though the amount of time spent on natural hair would vary based on the person, hair type, and surely hair style. At this point, braids are simply convenient, though the vast majority of wigs black women buy is not straight but wavy or has some type of curl pattern to them that is often straightened out to look naturally straight, such as kinky twist or box braids.

How Long Does It Take to Do Micro Braids

Surely, many black women, like every other white women, also like to change up their styles. Wigs can provide them much more flexibility in there look. For example, you can have an short today; then sleek smooth, long hair the next day, then back to short the day after. And this also comes to hair dye. In this sense, wigs can avoid hair damage.black-women-wear-wigs-for-new-hairstyle

In the end, we should say, the reason why people with wigs have nothing to do with their skin colors. Only if you wanna have flexibility on hair styles, wigs, extensions or braids are always the top choices.

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