How to Hide Short Hair under Extensions?

Hey, girls.

Will you try to get long and smooth hair cut regularly and then you cry silently for the short hair without various hairstyles? I believe that most girls get frustrated that you no longer can do many hairstyles with the new-hot short hair after you go out of salon, or even you just to figure out who is the one decide to cut your hair short. It’s easy to think it may take a short time to style your hair when you are in a simple short hair. That’s right. But do you consider that how long will it take to have a long time with creative hairstyles? So what will you do if you find there isn’t enough length with the hair to create them into different beautiful styles? Hair extension could help you. Applying human hair extensions on short hair makes you look nature with a long hair, so you could make new various looks.

How to hide short hair under extensions?

Most of you who never try human extensions before may wonder how to hide short hair under extensions in nature state? Because the hair pieces will make you look very weird if they are not applied right. Just read the post and learn some tricks to hide short hair under extensions without cut the hair shorter for which you will be more sorry.

First of the first, get a hair extensions very carefully. Girls in short hair have personal charming but if they try to make more hair styles, at least, the hair extension should have no less then four inches. Why we call it perfect 4 inches? This is because the beautician use the clip in hair extensions clipped and hide under the hair, which helps to disguise the clips for a seamless, natural finish, opposed to glue in extensions which can be a bit more difficult to hide. For the nature-stylish, please choose yourself a simple but long enough hair extension.


Second, there are some accessories are ready for you to hide the hair extension under your short hair in the salons. A stylist’s solution from beautician is to get your hair stylist to cut and blend them and they are clipped in. For example, you can try blending in your hair extensions yourself  with a whirl, which means it will combine and hide the short hair with a natural and seamless connection between true hair and the hair extension to get yourself a natural-looking.


Third trick is that use a hair trick, curling or straightening the hair extensions with a short hair. Both enable you look nature with styles, and it could also reduce the styling time which is the purpose that you have your hair cut. Styles not only make you look gorgeous with more changes, but also help you hide short hair under hair extensions.


That’s it. Do you have short hairs? Will you try to get help from hair extensions to change a new look? If the answer is yes, I hope you will enjoy the reading and know how to hide your short hair under hair extensions.

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