How to Start A Braid with Weave for Beginners

Braids with weave can generally reduce the frequency of daily hair care while at the same time, it can make your hairstyle be versatile without much limitation on the length, texture, color or size of the individual braids. So how to start a braid with weave, especially for beginners?

In most cases, the most common types of ways to start a braid with weave are box braids, cornrows, and crochet braids. And we’ll introduce the methods in details respectively.

How to Start a Box Braid with Weave

  1. Wash your hair before braiding with weave as the braids would retain for a long period;
  2. Determine how much hair to braid as this section of hair will be the size of all sections over your hair and then separate to disentangle;
  3. Wrap the extensions around the natural hair strand evenly in half;
  4. Separate the extensions into two strands and take the natural hair cross the middle one; thus the extensions are both in sides and there’re three strands;
  5. Braid the three strands till the ends meet and secure with a small hair tie;

How to Start A Braid with Weave

How to Start a Cornrow Braid with Weave

  1. Section off a long, narrow section of hair in a straight line from your scalp to your nape;
  2. Twist the hair extensions around the natural hair to make three strands to braid and keep the hair tightly close to the scalp;
  3. Repeat the same process on the other side;
  4. Secure your hair with a small rubber band when all the hair has been braided from the scalp;

How to Start A Braid with Weave

How to Start a Crochet Braid with Weave

  1. Braid cornrows into your hair for 5-6 large cornrows;
  2. Sew your braided tail with a threaded needle through the cornrow tightly; Well, if your hair is a little longer or beyond the nape of your neck, you’d better fold them up directly alongside the cornrow;
  3. Pull and tighten the extensions underneath the cornrow until it is snug against the cornrow;

How to Start A Braid with Weave

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