How to Hide Hair Extensions from Boyfriend?

Hair extensions, which can make a short-haired girl become Rapunzel in the twinkling of an eye, has gained a great deal of popularity among young women since its emergence. But nothing in this world can win the approval of all people, so there are still some persons not accepting it, and your boyfriend may be among them. Then, what can you do if you are a deep lover of hair extensions, while your boyfriend resists it strongly. Perhaps, you have to hide it from your boyfriend.

How to Hide Hair Extensions from Boyfriend

It is undoubtedly an intimate relationship between lovers, and the closeness apparently makes it very difficult to hide something from each other. In fact, with a little thought we can know that it is almost an impossible task to make secret about this information before such an intimate person, unless your boyfriend is an idiot. But then, as long as you make much harder effort, there are still some ways to do it. And here are some tips that you may need:

1. Try to make the hair extensions look real
At first sight, you are a beautiful long-haired woman, then in most cases, no one will research whether your hair is real or a fake with the next glance. So what you should do is to try to let your boyfriend believe that what he had seen is the real you. In order to achieve this goal, you should get a pair of hair extensions with high quality. The color had better match your real hair, so that it looks natural and pretty. When styling, blend some of your own hair into the extensions to mix them together. This can make the hair appear seamless and no one can tell where the extensions begin.


2. Never deconstruct your hair extensions before him
Since you are lovers, in most cases, you maybe live together. Once the hair extensions are fixed to you, they can at least last several days. So there is no need for you to wear them every morning and deconstruct them every night. Moreover, you should try to avoid fixing your hair before him. Thus, you may keep your secret for a long time.

3. Avoid any physical contact (especially your head) as much as possible
No matter it is bond, clip or tape that you use to fix the hair extensions to your own hair, they are all hidden under the real hair. Once your boyfriend puts his hand into your hair, all the secrets are leaked out. Therefore, avoiding physical contact, especially the contact between his hand and your head, is much more important. But, of course, it’s a little difficult if you always prohibit him touching you. And he would be likely to think whether there is something wrong with you. However, you have to do it, if you want your secret to be kept.

4. Lead him to accept hair extensions before he knows it
In general, a woman dares not to tell her boyfriend about her hair, because she fears that he will leave her once he found her hair was a fake. But if your boyfriend doesn’t care it, or accepts your hair extensions, all problems are easily solved. So the best way for you is to make him understand who he loves is a woman, is you, but not the hair. Thus it makes no matter whether you wear hair extensions or not.

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