How to Wear Hair Extensions to Bed?

If you are new to hair extensions, the problem about how to wear hair extensions to bed may come to you. Hair extensions are different from human hair that you need to pay more attention to wear it to the bed, especially it should be noticed and get some preparation when you wear the hair extensions first time. Make sure secure your hair extensions over the night, as this will keep them in a healthy condition and you won’t be upset for the tangle next morning.

If you have long hair, how to wear hair extensions to bed?


Girls with long hair are always wear hair extensions to change their styles for different parties or meetings. So how to wear hair extensions over the night? Get a braid as help. The best way to wear them over the night is making a braid. Sometimes, the braids help you get rid of rough hair after you wake up next morning, and the braid goes along with you whole night instead of they are scattered over all the bed that trampled by your honey, your baby or your pet. What’s more, braids are easy to made to keep your hair with a simple style, which easy to deconstruct before brushing next morning. Personally speaking, I prefer to have those natural waves when undo the braids, which looks nice for a quick and simple style when you are in a busy and hurried morning.

If you have short hair, how to wear hair extensions to bed?


Short hair can’t follow above suggestions, in particular, short hair is so hard to make a braid to bed on night. Because people with short hairs will choose to use hair extension to make the hair look more thick instead of change the length of their hair, how to wear hair extensions to bed if you have short hair? The best way is securing your hair with a ponytail. Try to hide the hair extension under the ponytail, as it will protect the hair from tangling or creating friction against pillow.

Pillowcase is very important when you wear hair extensions on night.

how-to-wear-hair-extensions-to-bed, silk-pillowcase

Let’s talk about the pillow then. A satin pillowcase or a silk pillowcase will be the best choice when you have hair extensions to bed.

Don’t sleep with your hair extensions wet, because the damp or wet hair extensions may cause tangles easy. My suggestion is making sure your hair extensions are dry before you go to bed, and it’s better for you to use a satin or silk pillowcase which have the smooth surface to prevent matting and promotes less friction.

After reading this post, I hope you will get rid of tangle and upset when you are preparing to wear a hair extension in the harsh morning. Just to follow above suggestions to solve how to wear hair extensions to bed, you will become gorgeous in a short time, particularly in the prime time.


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