How to Do Petal Hairstyles

Do you know how to make messy bun updo hairstyles which is one of the hot hairstyle in 2016. If not, you could have a look on do, well, it’s the time to have a change to embrace the new year. And that’s the petal hairstyles.

Actually, petal hairstyle could be regarded as the update from the bun hairstyles. Though a little messy and loose looking, it will make your hair more textured and chic-looking; at the same time, it can vary from the shape of your face without limitations.

So how to do petal hairstyles? Here we will introduce 4 easy-to-do methods as follows.

#1 Set aside a thread of hair 3cm on either side of the cheek and divide the remaining hair into two halves; 
Then make two knots and secure them; 
Knot the cheek hair under the completed knots;


Fix the three knots with bobby pins and if possible, have some hairspary.


#2 Make a ponytali and braid it into fishbone style;


Make a bun of the braid and secure it with bobby pins. 


#3 Have a ponytail and divide it into two halves; Then braid them separately;


Twist them into a bun style and fix them with bobby pins;


#4 Set aside a thread of hair 2 cm from the hairline and have a ponytail with the remaining hair. Then braid the front hair backward with a thread of hair from the ponytail (and so forth).


Hide the hair ends with bobby pins into the bun. 


Which one do you prefer most? Feel free to comment below and surely comment with other hairstyles you want to learn.

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