Is Donald Trump without A Wig?

On January 20, 2017, Donald Trump was sworn in to be the 45th president of USA. From the early beginning, this celebrity was famous for his unique idiosyncrasy. Donald Trump’s bouffant hairstyle has been a subject of debate for a long time with opponents saying it was too good to be true. But Trump insisted that he doesn’t wear a hairpiece. During the election campaign, the riddle of whether he wears a wig briefly took center stage of voters’ attention. However, what is actually going on with Trump’s crispy crown?

Donald Trump Wig

Trump keeps his wheat chaff-colored hair long so as to reach all the way to the back of his head, where it seems to be sprayed firmly in place. That would explain the aggressive cowlick with a forward-aiming growth pattern on his scalp. This hairstyle is so special that many people are doubting that it is a wig or toupee. Even the New York Times carried an article wading into the controversy over whether the billionaire’s hair was his own. But in August, 2015, Mr. Trump began to respond to those rumors.

“We are going to settle this,” he said. “I don’t wear a toupee, it’s my hair, I swear.” During the campaign in South Carolina, Trump invited a woman from the audience to help him end the debate once and for all. “You’re going to have to do an inspection. This is getting crazy. Just real quick,” adding, “We don’t want to mess it up too much because I do use hairspray.” Then she duly gave Mr. Trump’s hair a ferocious tug, which remained in place. When asked to testify whether the luxurious locks were indeed his, this woman told the audience: “Yes, I believe it is.”

Donald Trump Wigs

But what is the answer to the mystery of Trump’s hair? What’s happening in the front of Trump’s hairline to make it look like he’s wearing a flat cap? As we know that hair follicles are embedded in the scalp at all different angles, and those angles determine the direction that each strand of hair grows. A cowlick is a cluster of hair with follicles laying at the same steep angle, causing that hair to grow in a direction different from the surrounding hair. In the event of an aggressive cowlick, the longer the hair, the more the growth pattern can be controlled by the weight of the hair itself.

In Trump’s case, although his hair may seem preposterous, I finally find myself siding with his stylist’s choice. You can image that if Trump cut his hair shorter, the growth pattern in front would be likely to force the hair straight out and down, possibly resulting in a George Clooney 1990s Caesar effect, except with Trump’s face. Perhaps, that can explain why Donald Trump selected such a style and stuck with it up to now.

In conclusion, President Trump’s hair is growing out of his head, long, combed back, and dyed the nascent yellow of a baby chick. Although this idiosyncrasy drew lots of attention to him, Donald Trump indeed has a dated hairstyle that nobody likes.

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