How to Care for Toupee?

If you’ve just invested in a toupee, good for you! Toupees can be a lot of fun to wear whether you’re hiding thinning hair or just to change up your look. It is being said, the first thing you’ll need to know is how to take care of your toupee properly and there are several things to consider if you want it to always look as great as it did the day you bought it. You’ll need to know about curling the toupee, drying it, keeping it protected from the sun, which kind of toupee needs what kind of cleaning, how do you style it or brush it and more. Following are just a few of the basics you’ll need to know regarding how to care for a toupee properly.

How to Care for Toupee 1

Wash toupee properly

 How to Care for Toupee 2

You should consider washing your toupee around the tenth time you wear it. This recommendation will vary depending on just how dirty your toupee gets or the kind of venues you are wearing it to. Where you go and what you do, including weather conditions and how much you perspire will weigh heavily on how often you clean it.Human hair toupees and synthetic toupees both should be washed at about the same frequency however the way in which you cleanse them will be vastly different.

How to Care for Toupee 3

Human hair toupees need to be detangled rinsed in cold water and then massaged with shampoo much like real hair. You’ll need to make sure that the shampoo is lathered in evenly throughout the whole toupee. When you are finished, rinse the hair and make sure the water flows in the same direction throughout the toupee so it doesn’t get tangled. When you are done with a full rinse you can gently dry it with a towel and condition the toupee. Follow by rinsing in the same manner, dry with a towel lightly and allow it to air dry for the next day.

How to Care for Toupee 4

Condition your toupee carefully. Once you rinse out the shampoo, apply a toupee-safe conditioner directly to the hair. We recommend putting most of it on the longer parts of the strand and the ends, and not so much neat the roots to avoid having super flat hair. Let the conditioner sit on the hair for a minimum of 2 minutes. Rinse twice by submerging in a basin with cool water. Wrap gently with a towel to get out excess water.

Dry toupee properly

 How to Care for Toupee 5

Place on a toupee stand and allow to hair dry thoroughly before combine again. You may apply more leave-in conditioner once dry, if needed.

Be gentle to brush toupee

 How to Care for Toupee 6

When you need to comb a toupee, be gentle. Do not use regular brushes, and if you can, only comb it. It doesn’t need combed every day, so let it rest.

Do not sleep with toupee

 How to Care for Toupee 7

Do not sleep frequently with hairpiece/toupee; it can cause of hair breakage. Rubbing your head against a car headrest can also cause of hair breakage.

Do not use too much hair products

 How to Care for Toupee 8

Excessive use of oils, mousse, gels and other hair products will be cause of the toupee to tangle. This will make the toupee look unclean, limp and dull.

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