How To Wash Your Micro Braids?

Micro braids are not suitable for every women but it’s common to see African American women make micro braids. It  needs less maintenance and it could be braided into human hair closely and tightly, so it is very popular in African American women. Micro braids could be done on different hair styles. And, micro braids catch human hair firmly that it could last for several months. All in all, making micro braids become a trend in these years. Before you change another style and say goodbye to micro braids, it’s necessary to know how to clean it after quite a long time. Following tutorials are ready for you on how to wash your micro braids if you are fond of micro braids.

How To Wash Your Micro Braids 1

It takes a long time to making micro braids, also you will spend a long time on removing the braids, maybe it will cost you several hours to get yourself back. Micro braids are small braids with soft and thin hair, so knowing some techniques on how to wash your micro braids is useful, which can prevent hair damages and decrease the chance of hair loss.

Step 1, get all ready

You will have two choice, untie hair or removing the braids. As the braids are quite delicate, so just untie your hair, then get the shampoo and water ready. It’s a tip that you could braid the smalle braids into 3 big braids that wash your micro braids step by step. Don’t forget to put the hairdry in a safe place, you will need to use it after cleaning the 3 big braids.

Step 2, moisten the hair.

Use a watering can to let hair keep homogeneous humidity, take notice that, the warm water will make shampoo more bubble easier. Try to get every section wet, especially the scalp between three big braids, as well the hair ends if your have a long hair.

Step 3, shampoo your hair

This is the most important step when you wash your micro braids. I will offer suggestion about which shampoo should you have in following posts. Let’s back to the cleaning. Squeeze the bottle and rub the shampoo  on the micro braids, also, the scalp needs to be touched gently. You can rub shampoo from the scalp to hair ends, do not reverse the order because this may cause them to become frizzy. After three times, you could stop and begin the next step.

How To Wash Your Micro Braids 2

Step 4,  rinse the shampoo

Use watering can is not very good when you try to rinse the shampoo out of the braids. Stand by a sink or bathtub, hold the showerhead in a right angle and then rinsing until all shampoo residue has been removed.

Step 5, condition your hair.

It’s necessary to condition your hair after wash the braids, don not forget the take the step even if you think it’s a little trouble. Among different conditioner, liquid conditioner is easy to get and it’s better to protect the hair. Take a handful of  liquid conditioner and rub it on the hair for 15 minutes, then you could repeat the step 4 and remove the residue.

Step 6 dry your hair

Get the hairdryer to finish the last step. Dry micro braids by the hairdryer is difficult in how to wash your micro braids. You need to removing moisture from braids skillful and you couldn’t put the hairdryer too close to the scalp or dry your hair from the end to the scalp. Take it slow and soft, dry the three sections/braids one by one.

How To Wash Your Micro Braids 3

Attaching a video will show you how to wash your micro braids with audiovisual tutorials.

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