Best Ways To Take Care Of Remy Hair

Remy hair wigs are known for their natural appearance and are deemed to have the highest quality of human hair. They have a lustrous, shiny look that makes them appear more expensive than the regular variety. Many celebrities such as Beyoncè and Tyra Banks use Remy hair wigs as a staple in their beauty regimen.

Caring for your Remy hair requires great attention to detail, proper maintenance care routine, and special hair care products. When given the right hair care treatment, you can expect your Remy hair to extend its lifespan and keep its attractive appearance.

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Here are the best ways that you can do to take care of Remy hair.

1.Brush your Remy hair.

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You can do this before your bedtime as well as before you wash your Remy hair in order to remove natural occurring tangles that were brought by wind or friction. Avoid brushing your Remy hair when it’s wet since this is the time when the hair follicles tend to be at their most vulnerable state. Start brushing from the bottom then move the brush stroke to the top.

2.Use a vent brush.

When brushing the hair, use a vent brush which is usually made with soft, flexible, and ball-tipped pins that makes it great for gentle styling. Moreover, it’s designed with a wide-spaced pin formation which is perfect for creating hair volume and movement.

3.Wear a cap or scarf while sleeping.

wear a cap prevent shedding and tangleChoose a cap that’s made out of silk or any other soft material. This will help in keeping your Remy hair from moving around too much while you are asleep. It will also prevent shedding and getting your hair all tangled up during the night time.

4.Wash with warm water.

Use only warm water when washing your Remy hair. This will prevent damaging the hair weaving, the scalp, and cuticles. Moreover, warm water cleans the hair better compared to cool water. It also provides the most beneficial results to women with oily scalp since it has the ability to rid the hair from dirt and oil.

5.Store your Remy hair wig on a wig stand.

You can use either a wig stand or a mannequin head for storing your Remy hair wig. Make sure to place it in a cool and dry location and avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures, dust and mold. Doing so will help maintain the style, shape and cleanliness of your wig.

how to wash remy hair6.Go to the local salon for a professional hair service.

If you want to get a hair dye, it’s important to get the service from the local salon. Doing the process by yourself is a very risky experiment which can lead to a bad and disastrous result. Moreover, never use a lighter color on a wig that has a darker shade. The same goes with trimming your hair which should also be done by a professional hairdresser.

7.Use the right hair care products.

There are at least three types of products that should be part of your hair care routine. The first one is a night-oil treatment which can help in treating frizzy and dull hair. In order to maintain split ends, you can use a hair repair and treatment product for your Remy hair. Lastly, applying enough mousse can help in making your hair look healthy and shiny.

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