How to Prevent Hair Loss in Autumn and Winter?

At the turn of seasons, it’s easy to have seasonal hair loss. Theoretically, hair loss may happen in every seasons, but mostly occurs predominantly in autumn and winter. Have you ever noticed that your hair has some changes in this period? It goes dry, lifeless, fragile and grows much slower than what it do in summer. And what’s even worse, hair loss increases significantly. Hence, more problems about how to prevent hair loss in autumn and winter are noticed increasingly. Why it happens and what should they do to prevent it?

How to Prevent Hair Loss in Autumn and Winter?

The causes for such hair fall are too much. Access to these reasons is the key to prevent hair loss. Every season has its own unique threats for the hair. For instance, in the rainy season, the rain water is bad for your hair because it comes with the pollutants in the air. While the skin of the scalp just like our facial skin needs to adapt to the new weather conditions. Over exposure to sun can lead to more UV rays, which damage the hair heavily. You cannot stop the seasons from changing, but you can do somethings to prevent hair loss.

First of all, you should bear in mind that seasonal hair loss is inevitable, as it is a part of natural cycle. As we know that everything in nature goes to rest and sleep in autumn and winter, while gets back to life and intensive growth in spring and summer. Likewise, your hair also follows this natural law. So, the first thing to do is to stop panicking and take some useful tips into consideration to help your hair go through the harsh period.

Prevent Hair Loss in Autumn and Winter

As the climate is becoming dry in autumn, so it is one alternative to oil your hair. You need to massage hot coconut oil into your scalp and hair at least once a week. And the frequency of a good oil massage should be increased if your hair condition is terrible. Meanwhile, tying your hair is another method to prevent hair loss. Plait your hair before you go to bed, as this avoids hair fall. Even while going out, you can tie your hair in fashionable hairstyles. If you don’t like these methods, you can also use protective clothing like scarves and hats or even an umbrella to protect your hair.

Usually, we drink less water in winter. However, water in winter is just as important as in summer, or even more. It turns out that because of indoor heating conditions are much drier in winter. Thus your body gets dehydrated unknowingly. That’s why your hair looks so weak and over-dried. Therefore, drink more water in these seasons. Dandelion, peppermint, lemon, or ginger tea is very good for your health and your hair, especially in winter. Also try to not wash your hair too often and never use concentrated shampoo.

In winter, the vegetables and the fruits are not as much as in summer, so our diet is usually far from being balanced. But quick growth of hair requires the supply of all necessary nutrients. It’s necessary for you to take lots of proteins, vitamins and minerals, which will provide enough nutrients to the hair. Stress can cause increased hair shedding, which will make you stress out even more. Although the stress is one of the main reason of hair loss, please remember that no matter how hard it is, take a deep breath, do calming exercises and give a hug to a loved one. Take it easy to have a good time and get rid of hair loss in autumn and winter.

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