What Is A Hand Tied Wig?

Hand tied wigs, as its name implies, is thoroughly made by hand. Hand-crafted, undergoing hours of work to create each of the wigs made, the benefits and difference stand out in separating them from traditional machine made styles. A hand tied wig offers luxury and most realistic look with styling options. It features fibers that are hand-tied to the cap, which allows you to brush the hair in any direction you choose for the ultimate in styling versatility.

What Is A Hand Tied Wig

A hand tied wig, sometimes also called a 100% hand tied wig, has a wig cap that replaces the wide stretch lace used in most of today’s wigs with a thinner, more resilient stretch material that actually molds to the shape of the head for a lighter, more secure fit. Each of the individually hand-knotted hair fiber is sewn into the entire cap, even at sides and back, providing natural directional movement and look of actual hair growth.

For the wearer, complete versatility in styling with comfort define advances in just how real a wig can look in today’s hair fashion world. Tying by hand is not as tight as machine tied which allows the strands to be shifted. By shifting the strands, you can change the part and look of the wig. What’s more, hand tied wigs give fantastic realistic movement and easy styling. The pure handwork creates a lightweight style that looks extremely natural and is very suitable for long term hair loss wig wearers.

Compared with the common wigs, hand tied wigs are all about comfort and style,which is combined no less than a match made in heaven. A hand tied wig is of much higher quality than a standard cap wig. It is not only designed for people who want an exceptionally comfortable natural looking wig, but also for those who have experienced hair loss or have a sensitive scalp. In the wig industry, the hand tied wigs have been steadily growing in popularity for many years.

Cleaning a hand tied wig typically keeps it looking natural, and can be accomplished with a special brush and shampoo. The product is usually immersed in cold water, rinsed gently, blotted with a towel, and exposed to a conditioning spray before being air dried. Caring for a hand tied wig also generally involves not exposing it to excess heat, and avoiding the use of blow dryers or curling irons. In addition, the wigs can also be cut and styled by professionals for anyone desiring a specific look.

Nowadays, countless hair loss wearers have preferred hand tied wigs due to these features and their quality shine through. No wefts and no mechanical stitching are used to give the appearance of all-over natural hair growth, even up close. And the dedicated attention to detail can be felt through its super soft fit. So if you have no idea on choosing the type of a wig, don’t forget to show off your natural beauty with a hand tied wig and benefit from the realistic style that you can wear day after day.

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