How to Make A Wig from Your Own Hair?


Before we talk about how to make a wig from your own hair, there is one thing you need to know, that is, the cost to make a wig with all of the hair provided is much expensive in US. That’s why what I list on the top of the article, if you have decided to get more details on learning about the process of making a wig from your own hair, it’s better for you to find a right place.

Why should you make a wig from your own hair?


According to the survey, there are a special situation that some cancer patients who out of their own hair will choose to make a wig from their own hair, especially those women have strong-mind who is suffering the tough cancer treatment, making a wig from their own hair is very important and meaningful. It’s great to fight with cancer for those women and that’s why I write this post. Getting more details about how to make a wig from own hair may give them back a piece of their identity.

How to make a wig from your own hair?


If the one who fights with cancer for a long, the hair will be not as much as enough to get a wig. So, first, it should start with a combination with your own hair and other people like friends or family members to add to your hair donation. There are some rules need to follow, the hair from other people require to be similar to your own in length, texture, and color. It’s easy to understand, too much different hair in a wig will make it disorganized and look in a mess. However, I know it’s hard to find two kind of hair in complete matching, just try to get them relatively close, it will help you get a nature hair indeed.

Otherwise, I will recommend you purchase a custom wig from Addcolo. It will be a easy way to get a wig with your own hair. There are many different hair style waiting to be choose. Consult from the hair experts in Addcolo, you will get some data according to your personal information, which may save your more time and energy, and what’s more, you will get what you want definitely.

Here is also a tips about how long should you prepare for the wig. The hair you plan to donate or cut off to use in a custom wig must be at least 10″ in length. When you hand tie hair into a wig, you lose around 3″ of length. A hair donation of 10″ will become 7″ long in a finished wig.

And you may like to get the numerous details from WIKIHOW. It’s an awesome tutorial to teach you how to make a wig one step by one step. What you should prepare and how to do during the course, in this post, every step is listed clearly.

Finally, I really hope you will get your new idea if you want to make a wig from your own hair.

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