Why Jewish Women Wear Wigs

Here’re various reasons for women to wear wigs. Some are for up-to-date hairstyles; some are for different occasions. But do you know why Jewish women wear wigs?

Generally, it has to refer to traditional Jewish religious practices, as it is said that when a Jewish woman get married, she has to shave her hair. For this reason, Jewish women will usually wear various turban and wigs to maintain beautiful looks, which most of you would see that in daily life.

Jewish Women Wear Wigs for Shaving Hair When Getting Married

When talking about this point, some readers will wonder that why Jewish women should shave their hair upon getting married. Traditionally speaking, in Jewish tradition, women’s hair will seduce men and thus destroy a happy family which to some extent, will increases the complexity of social relations.

So when choosing a wig for Jewish women, is there something to avoid?

Nowadays the Jews are distributed in more than 100 countries around the world, speaking more than 80 languages. And the colors of their skin are including white, brown, yellow and black. So the first point is that Jewish women will make a choice based on their skin colors. While, at this point, we had to refer to their religious practices once again, as in Judaism, red, blue, purple and white are regarded as sacred colors, therefore, in most cases, we could see Jewish women would wear wigs in purple or white. On the contrary, yellow and black are taken as unlucky colors. In this sense, we would understand why Jewish women wear wigs in some bold colors.

Why Jewish Women Wear Wigs in Identified Colors

From above, we could see that Jews are strictly comply with traditional religious pratice, which will be related to their thousands of years’ indefinite life experiences.

Another reason for Jewish women wearing wigs is that they are not as identifiable as other ethnics, so they will choose to wear wigs and wrapped it at the same time to be better distinguished.

Why Jewish Women Wear Wigs and Turban

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