Different Types of African Braids and Twists You Should Know

Hello again. In previous posts, I show you some methods about how to wash braids and how to dye braids, and I will keep on sharing some braids and twists with you in this post. Hope all of you will enjoy it and make a chic and modern hairstyle after read it.

Different types of African braids and twists worth your weight in gold. By giving some love to them, I’m going to write braids again. If you have long hair and I guess you should have a try about the African Braids and twists. Because just some little change, more simple hairstyles will on the top of your choosing list. Sometimes, we just want to change ourselves to get a different look. It seems that all the world of African braids are the same, big and black, or there are something mixed in it. But I’m sure you will get new after read the post, then you will know exactly different types of African braids and twists could make you perfect.

Box Braids

box-braid, Different Types of African Braids and Twists

Box braids are popular in 90’s girls, chic and modern. Probably, they are made of three-strand twists, which means that they are braids indeed.

Marley Twists

marley-twists, Different Types of African Braids and Twists

Why I put Marley twists first? I love the girl in the picture. Marely twist consist of high-nature textured hair, which separates it from a lot of other braiding styles which use smoother textured synthetic hair. Use two strand braiding method to make it looks like a dreadlock, that’s why we call it Marley  twist.

African Kinky Twist Braids

african-kinky-twist-braids, Different Types of African Braids and Twists

Simple and easy to get a kinky twist like this, and I’m sure you will like it if you have a harsh time in the morning. It also provide you a chance to make your nature hair long. Have a try.

Senegalese Twists

senegalese-twists, Different Types of African Braids and Twists

It’s a beautiful twist and a little familiar with Marley twists, because the approach method looks same, but they are made with silkier hair extensions so they leave a smoother finish.

Beautiful Kinky Twist

kinky-twitst, Different Types of African Braids and Twists

When you meet a ball or a serious party you may have a try about beautiful kinky twist.

No matter have you tried these types hairstyles or not, I suggest you could have any of them as a new begin. Comment with the best one with your true feeling, we will keep on sharing more beautiful hairstyles with you.



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