How to Make a Box Braid Wig?

If you are fond of the box braid look, but you don’t have hair long enough to cornrow, then the box braid wig might be a great choice. Box braids are a popular hairstyle that can give you the flexibility of wearing braids and can be styled in many other styles. However, making a box braid wig can be a difficult and time-consuming task. If you are interested in trying to make a wig yourself, you can do so as long as you have the right tools and plenty of patience. Here is how to make it:

What you’ll need:
1. A lace wig foundation;
2. Real or synthetic hair;
3. Ventilating needles;
4. A comb;
5. A pair of scissors;
6. Some hair clips.

What you should do first of all is to stitch the real or synthetic hair to the lace wig foundation. Both options have advantages and disadvantages. Generally, for a wig that will be worn every day, you would want to use real hair. For a wig only worn on occasion, you might be able to use synthetic hair.

In the process of stitching hair to foundation, you must use the right ventilating needle. The right size depends on the number of strands you want in a single knot. For more strands, choose a larger needle. For fewer strands, choose a smaller one. Then pull the hair through in a loop and knot it onto the lace. You will need to single-knot or double-knot sections of hair, which is made from only a few strands, onto the individual gaps in the lace foundation using your ventilating tool.

Keep in mind that you should always start knotting the wig onto the lace from the bottom of the neckline. Work your way up along the back before moving to the sides. Then turn the wig inside out and stitch hair along the inside edge to prevent them from showing outside. This will help the hair lift in a natural, pleasant manner.

Afterwards, the next process is to create box braids. You should create four box-like sections: at the front left, the front right, the back left and the back right. Leave the first section you plan to work on undone, but use three hair clips to keep the remaining three sections out of the way. Then make a tiny part in the first section. The parting, however, should be the size of the desired braid. All of your parts should be around the same size.

Now braid or plait the hair from your first pinch. Divide 3 strands of hair, cross the left strand under the middle strand. Next, put the right strand under the middle one in the same way, creating a braid. Then make a second part from the first section of the hair and braid this section as well. Again, make sure that your parts are even and straight. They should look like tiny boxes.

Continue braiding until the first section is completed, and move on to the next section. When all 4 sections are completed, you should have at least 100 or more box braids. The smaller the parting for plaiting is, the smaller your box braids will be. At last, try the wig foundation on and look at yourself in the mirror to see whether it is after your own heart.

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