Short Hairstyles for Round Faces 2017

An expert hairstylist will firstly observe the shape of the client’s face to figure out which hairstyle would look best on him or her. Believe it or not, there are certain hairstyles that only suit a certain shape of face. So aside from the volume, texture and the color which you would like to apply to the hair, the shape of the face is an important factor in determining the ideal hairstyle for a particular person. The typical shapes of faces are oval, long, diamond and heart. However, what if the width of your face is almost equal to the length of it?

Short Hairstyles for Round Faces 2016

Under common conditions, a long hairstyle is usually no less popular, thanks to the super beneficial vertical lines that elongate a full face. While a medium hairstyle will make your face look narrower, slimmer and cuter. As for the short hairstyle, not every round face will benefit from it, but many girls and women are extremely attracted to a short cut. So if by any chance you are endowed with a round-shaped face, while you are very fond of the short hairstyles, what can you do to style it?

In general, the key with round face is to add length rather than width. Thus, you round face can be looked less rounder. There are always different hairstyles winning their popularity in different year.

  • Upon the new year 2017, it is advisable to have curls (How to Do Curly Hairstyles?) around the crown instead of having them at the sides.
  • It is also good to opt for gentle waves because they give the impression that your face is thinner than it is. While the sides of your hair should be kept close to your face to make the neck appear more slender.

Wavy Hairstyles for Round Face

Alternatively, you can eliminate the extra volume on the sides if you have thick hair. It will look better with shorter sides and thicker tops. As you can see, a perfect short hairstyle for a round face should have not only a nice height above the forehead, but also light wispy bangs. So you can play with small braids in your bangs or try asymmetry.

Wispy Bangs for Round Face

Cuts with bangs instantly soften the brow line and can appear to alter the shape of your face flatteringly. Meanwhile, with an asymmetrical cut, a girl can easily draw attention away from her facial roundness. And an asymmetrical cut can also curb other challenges, such as nose length or a strong chin.


In addition, more mature women opt for short hairstyles, since hair changes in color with age. Instead of highlighting your hair with blonde or red, the most attractive color with shortcut in 2017 may be a light purple. This will draw attention to your gorgeous hair instead of your round face. For women who like just a hint of edginess in their style, this is an awesome choice. At last, don’t forget to accentuate the pattern with mousse to protect your hair from humidity.

Nay more, short hairstyles for round faces will help reduce a feeling that makes many women self-conscious. Whether the roundness comes from genetics or weight issues, there are always many shortcuts that can make you look even more fabulous.

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