How To Keep Hair Healthy While Swimming?

Swimming is considered as one of the most beneficial exercise and it’s an effective way to beat the heat. For most of us, it’s the perfect time to head to the beach or to a swimming pool on a hot summer day, as it can not only build endurance, but also strengthen the lungs. But the presence of chlorine or sea salt in water is always a great threat to your healthy hair. Therefore, taking proper care of your hair at all costs while swimming is indeed helpful.

How to Keep Hair Healthy while Swimming

Generally speaking, when we intend to go for swimming, the destination is either coastal beach or swimming pool. The main risk with ocean water is sea salt drying on hair, which can make your hair drier than it should be. As for pool water, the general risk to hair is chlorine as well as potential acidity of water. Although some well maintained pools will keep the PH of water to a level between 6 to 7, I think most of you will not take a PH indicator strip at all times. So the most direct approach to reduce damage to hair is to minimize the contact level of water with hair.

When you swim, the hair can be regarded as a sponge. Once it absorbs all that it can, there will be no “room” to absorb other damaging water. Thus, you know that the easiest and quickest way to protect your hair is to wet it before go swimming. Wet hair absorbs less chlorine and sea salt as compared to dry hair. However, make sure that you didn’t use shampoo before taking a dip, as shampoo strips the hair of its natural oil that acts like a barrier between your hair and chlorine.


How To Keep Hair Healthy While Swimming?

If you are not satisfied with just using fresh water, apply conditioner or a penetrating oil, such as olive oil or coconut oil all over your hair before stepping into the pool. The silicone in the conditioner creates a barrier between hair and chlorine or sea salt. And the oil does the same work, reducing the risk of damage. Undoubtedly, this method is more effective than the fresh water. Just a light coating of hair oil will help you seal the moisture and prevent the damage.

Maybe most swimmers will get an advice like this: wear a swimming cap before getting into the water. But why? A swimming cap cannot prevent the hair from being wet. Is it really helpful to wear a cap while swimming? In fact, the idea of wearing a cap is not to keep your hair dry but simply minimize the contact between hair and water. Soaking the hair with oil followed by wearing a swimming cap will provide two layers of protection to the hair, which help you keep the damaging water away as much as possible.

How To Keep Hair Healthy While Swimming, swimming capPerhaps, there are other ways to keep hair healthy while swimming. But the tips above are the simplest and easiest methods you can manage in life. Good luck and have a good swimming!

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