The Ultimate Hairstyle Trends of 2018

2018 in three words. Bold. Creative. Beautiful. It’s the start of the year, and the pressure is on to begin things right. Whatever happened in 2017 is history, and we’re starting on a clean slate. Time to break a sweat to lose all the holiday food-munching, time to quit that job you hate to pursue your passion, time to spend quality time with the people you love, time to save money and cut on expenses. These are all bold steps, and we all have one or two that we want to accomplish this year. But the change all starts here. First, we’re going to get you a brand new hair. A kick-ass hair to jumpstart the new you. To save you the headache, we’re coming up with THE LIST. It’s the only list you will ever need when it comes to hair-lovin’. This is THE ULTIMATE HAIRSTYLE TRENDS OF 2018 according to Fashion Week runways, leading hair professionals, and your favorite celebrities.

1.Start with a BANG

Style magazines agree on this one hairstyle trend forecast: the fringes are going to be big this year. So forget expensive plastic surgery, because  bangs actually have the power to completely transform a face.

short bob wigs

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Jen Atkin, Kim Kardashian’s bff and hair stylist tells Elle Magazine, “I like to keep my own fringe on the longer side, below my eyebrows which is a lot more versatile.  If you decide you don’t like it anymore, you can just tuck it away behind your ears. Also, always go for a lighter fringe, a block fringe can feel heavy with a lob (long bob hairstyle).”

Thick bangs can make circular faces appear even fuller. Side-swept bangs for heart-shaped faces will have a balancing effect and draw the attention down towards the eyes.

If you have a short forehead, a sloping bangs will make a short forehead appear longer  and more pronounced.

Did you know that curtain bangs pins on Pinterest, a bookmarking website, spiked by 600% last year? And fashion experts say that the trend will have a strong spillover this year.

The style was made popular by actress Brigitte Bardot in the ‘60s. Curtain bangs are simply cut in an inverted V shape so that the shortest part sits where you part your hair. This way, the bangs angle down gradually on each side to delicately frame the face and gently touch the cheeks on both sides.

The curtain bangs create a dual effect. It is perfect for faces with the high forehead. The style’s thickness conceals the forehead, while the layered hair opens up and widens the face.

human hair bob wigs

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Not ready to cut some bangs? Check out these Addcolo human hair wigs with bangs so you can rock the fringes with no commitment. Addcolo’s wigs are made 100% from human hair, so you can expect soft, smooth, and natural-looking wigs that will revamp your 2018 look.

2.Take the LONG route

Yeap, Rapunzel is trendy this year. Pinterest also reveals that the clamor for long hairstyles have gone up by 130%. Women all over the world have been saving photos of long hairstyles to try for 2018.

And why not? A 2004 study that looked into the relationship of hairstyle and women’s attractiveness found that men actually perceived long-haired women to be healthier. A long hair also warms your neck in the winter time and gives more space for styling versatility. And let’s face it, a hair flip just looks sexier with a long, shiny hair. Now who wouldn’t want that?

Celebrity hair stylist Justine Marjan tells Instyle Magazine that round face shapes should opt for a long hair with lots of layers that begin at the collarbone. This will elongate the face. “Oval and longer faces look better with layers that fall around the jawline to widen the face and draw the eyes towards the mouth, lips and jaw bone,” Marjan says.

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Meanwhile, Marjan says heart-shaped faces will benefit from razored cuts because layers that start below the jawline will widen the face where needed.

Square face shapes should opt for long hair with middle parts with a flowy fringe. “I would suggest softening the edges and to style with feminine curls or natural texture to soften the facial features,” Marjan adds.

We can’t stress enough though that for a long hair to look good whatever your face shape, it’s important to keep them healthy, soft, and shiny. So save yourself from the trauma of salon chemical mishaps. Check out Addcolo’s long hair collection to get natural-looking, gorgeous, long locks in an instant without damaging your hair. The wigs are washable yet durable. The wigs were carefully crafted to withstand repeated washing and styling.

3.Keep it SHORT

So, are bob hairstyle lovers just going to wallow in misery because they’re not 2018 material? Wipe your tears, ladies, we’ve got good news for you. Ironically, alongside the growing interest for long hair on Pinterest, the search word “pixie” as in pixie bob hairstyle is also up by 130% and has caught the fascination of women around the world too. Think Katy Perry and Cara Delevingne.

And of course, a trend like the pixie super short hair will give birth to other bob hairstyle trends, because the inevitable will happen, a pixie hair will grow.

bob cut wigs

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Getting a bob hairstyle is a bit tricky, choose the wrong cut and you risk looking like a watermelon with a hair.

Hollywood hairstylist Tommy Bucket tells Instyle magazine that for heart-shaped faces, it’s better to keep the bob on the longer side, building weight with the hair at the jawline and creating width with flicks or mild curls at the bottom of the cut.
“The best bob for a round face I would say must hit a little below the chin,” says Buckett.

The round face will be further enhanced with a cropped haircut, and keeping the length the same on both sides will be extra nice too.

bob wigs for black women

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If you have a square face, Buckett’s suggestion depends on what you think looks better for you, do you want to highlight your strong jawline or cloak it? You can go for a bob that’s above or a little below the jaw, and make sure that the cut is soft and texturized and not blunt.

If you are born with an oval-shaped face, then lucky you, you can wear any bob hairstyle and it would look good.

curly hair wigs

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Want to be part of the bob hairstyle trend without chopping the long locks you worked so hard to grow and maintain? Then check out Addcolo’s comprehensive human hair bob wigs. The wig also comes with a glueless cap that has inner combs and extra-tight adjustable straps to make sure that the wig stays in place as you move. The wig lace is made of soft and breathable material so you can wear the wig for long hours too with ease and comfort.

4.Ride the WAVES and CURLS

The New York Fashion Week Spring 2018 show filled the runway with models strutting with hairs bouncing with waves and curls. Hairstyles that involve some twists and turns are definitely part of the 2018 vibe.

And for a good reason– the curly hair is one of the few kind of hairstyles that can pull off the messy-hair-don’t-care look and the I-just-spent-five-hours-fixing-my-hair look both in the same day. And did we mention that curly hair don’t even need that much combing? And that a styling mousse is the only best friend a girl with curls will ever need? Yes, waves and curls provide the shortcut to looking glamorous and fully made-up even if you just woke up five minutes ago and actually sprinted to work.

curly human hair wigs

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But curl textures come in different shapes and sizes. Do you get the flowy and natural body wave, or the slightly stronger loose wave that’s flowy but doesn’t flow in one piece? Are you more into deep wave that have much tighter curls, or would you prefer the deep curl that has a funky look? Do you want to try having a kinky hair, the kind of curl that basically turns around by itself, and has a zig-zag pattern? Or are you more inclined to get the Funmi style, the kind of curl that doesn’t start from the roots but from the middle of your hair, sort of like the lovechild of straight and curly hair? Or would you rather get the yaki hairstyle, the look of the relaxed straightened African hair? Whew, that’s a lot to choose from!

human hair wigs for black women

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The Hairstyler advises women with oblong or long face shapes to go for a layered curly hairstyle with lots of body and bounce (like the deep wave, deep curl, and kinky textures). The width on both sides of the face will help cloak the elongated shape and make it appear rounder.

Square-shaped faces will look great best with softer curls (like the body wave or loose wave) to soften the angular jawline. Soft curls are very sexy too. Curls with uniform layers that forms a round shape will work great to create the appearance of height to make the face look a little elongated rather than square.

Faces with a diamond shape will benefit from fuller curls (like those of a loose wave or deep wave) that are cut just below the shoulder with slight layering at the end. This will create the illusion of width to disguise a narrow chin and will make the face look wider on the sides.

Want to achieve the seductive wavy or playful curly look minus the possibly damaging effects of a perm job? Check out Addcolo’s curly human hair wig collection. These wigs are tangle-free and will remain bouncy after they are washed.

5.Love is BLONDE

Style magazines are in unison with this fashion forecast too: this year, love is blonde. Famous celebrities like Kim K. and her mom, Serena Williams, and Selena Gomez have already joined the blonde-wagon. Even Cara Delevingne’s pixie is now blonde. And the shade that seems to be real hot right now is the platinum blonde.

short #613 blonde bob wig

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But before you abandon your dark hair for a lighter hue this year, there are crucial things to consider. Professional hair colorist Sally Northwood tells Cosmopolitan that it’s important to match the shade of blonde you desire to the color of your skin.

“Olive undertones suits honey blonde. Pink undertones suits creamy, beachy blonde. Porcelain complexions suit platinum blonde while olive skins should avoid platinum, but it can be done.”

A word of caution though before you bleach your hair blonde, know the risks first. Bleaching is known to be the most damaging of all the hair colouring methods. Wrongly done, it can lead to dry, brittle, inelastic hair that is prone to breakage and split ends, it won’t look very pretty at all. Bleaches can also cause burns to your scalp or any skin surface it comes in contact with. Better leave the bleaching to salon professionals. In fact, Kim K.’s platinum blonde job excruciatingly took 17 hours! To avoid the pain and possible damage, why don’t you get one of Addcolo’s human hair blonde wigs? They look stunning on women of color as well.

Check out this video:

So there we have it, the ultimate hairstyle trends of 2018. Now that you have an idea which hairstyle to try to this year, here’s our final word:  keep your CENTER. And that applies to your hair, since fashion forward experts are foreseeing that hair-parting in the middle or center of the scalp is making a comeback this year. A middle part hairstyle can elongate a round face and create more symmetry. It narrows and adds balance (by the way, it’s healthier to switch up parts too in case you’ve been on the side parting far too long). And the advice applies to life too, whatever hairstyle you choose, keep your center on the things that matters most– to live this year filled with love and find lasting beauty within your soul. ❤


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