Is It Beneficial to Wear A Wig

Wearing a wig is completely a personal preference. Often there is someone who will ask whether it is beneficial to wear a wig. Is this also a problem? Maybe it is. So applying Hamlet’s tone: to wear, or not to wear? That is the question! However, before answering this question, we must find out the significance of the existence of a wig.

Is It Beneficial to Wear A Wig

For the people who are suffering from hair loss or other hair diseases, wig is an alternative tool to hide or remedy their defects. They care much about how other people look at their hair, so they usually wear a wig to make themselves look like a normal person as much as possible. While there is another crowd of people who have a strong demand for wigs, but they don’t have any physical defects on hair. The only reason that makes them mad about wigs is that this article can satisfy their needs of changing style on some special occasions. Most of them are females that are always pursuing beauty and fashion.

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Now, let’s take a look at the shortcomings of wigs compared with real hair. A wig is just like a cap, which will make one’s scalp hot if the weather is not so cool. Many wigs are made from synthetic hair, which can sometimes react with the skin and cause the scalp to sweat more than usual. Thus, the scalp will speed up metabolism and secrete more oil. However, it is very hard for the scalp to breathe freely when wearing a wig. The sweat that was not been excreted will block hair follicles, causing a prickly rash on the skin and even hair loss. The oil secreted from hair follicles will also make your hair greasy and create more scurf.


In addition, you can not swim or do some strenuous exercise when you are wearing a wig. If that, your wig may leave its place. Besides, windy weather can be a nightmare for a wig-wearer. Don’t ask why. I think you must have seen a performance that a beauty running after a wig.

Although wigs have so many shortcomings and limitations, we can not deny its role in helping a person look more natural and beautiful. Most wigs on market are not human hair. These wigs will definitely harm one’s scalp if wearing a long time. So for the sake of health, you’d better choose a soft and breathable wig. However, if you are a wig-wearer that pursues fashion and only wears for a short time, you can choose a cheaper one.

Every night after you take off your wig, remember to wash your head. Thus it will remove the oil and dirt, keeping the scalp and hair clean and cool. Meanwhile, ensure the wig to be neat and tidy (do you know how to wash a wig properly?). For long time storage, put it into a box or a plastic bag in case of dust.

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