Can You Go Swimming with Hair Extensions?

There are women who love swimming; but most of them feel they need to stop once they get hair extensions as many types of hair extensions would get tangled when the hair gets wet or seriously damaged by the chemicals in pools or the salt in the ocean. So is there any way to go swimming with hair extensions? Here’s our guide to swim with hair extensions this summer.

Before you go into the water with hair extensions,

  • it’s better to brush the hair with wet/dry detangling brush in case of getting tangled while it gets wet.
  • Moreover, you could do a massage into your dry hair with conditioner which will help your own hair and hair extensions protected from the chemicals or salt to soak into and damage the hair.
  • For those who go to the beach and if possible, you could soak your hair in the green tea which will add an additional layer to protect your hair from sun.

How to take care of hair in summer

When you go swimming with hair extensions,

  • it’s highly recommended to wear a swim cap to further protect your hair from both the water and sun.
  • Another tip is that you’d better not to have your hair extensions wet for too many hours at a time. No more than 2 hours of your hair extensions in the water is beneficial to prevent slight shedding.

Can You Go Swimming with Hair Extensions

After you go swim with hair extensions,

  • As soon as possible to wash and shampoo your hair extensions to ensure that the chemicals from the pool or the salt in the water does not soak into.
  • Remember to conditioning your hair extensions and replenish it much deserved moisture after hours in the sun or water.
  • Brush it to detangle any knots and blow it completely dry after you go swimming with hair extensions.


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