How to Braid Hair with Clip-in Extensions

Do you love braids? If your answer is yes, then this hairstyle is right for you, no matter whether you want your hair away from your face and body as the scorching hot summer is under the way or you are looking for a hairstyle for such the lovely spring season right now. As some of you have relatively thinner hair on the bottom, clip-in extensions would great help.

Seen from the latest hairstyle trend, double dutch braids with clip in extensions and Boho twist braid with clip in extensions are two of the top options. Now, let’s start.

How to Double Dutch Braid with Clip-in Extensions

How to Braid Hair with Clip in Extensions

Step 1: separate your hair into two pieces and suction one half away so that it won’t get caught in when you braid anther half with clip in extensions;

Step 2: suction off the bottom part your hair and put the clip in extensions from the bottom to the top so that the final hairstyle would be evenly at the thickness;

Step 3: section your hair into three pieces and do a French braid;

Step 4: braid the outside pieces of hair under the middle piece and go down to collect pieces to add in;

Step 5: braid to the tail and secure it with an elastic;

Step 6: a same how-to-double-dutch-braid-with-clip-in-extensions on the other side again.

How to Braid Hair with Clip in Extensions

How to Boho Twist Braid Hair with Clip-in Extensions

Step 1: have your clip-in extensions done before Boho twist braid;

Step 2: pull your hair over to the side and split it into 2 equal sections;

Step 3: twist each sections but in the opposite way;

Step 4: pull it apart to make it full and fluffy when getting to the bottom of the twist for your desired thickness;

Step 5: secure the two fluffy twists together with an elastic.

How to Braid Hair with Clip in Extensions

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