How to Keep Hair Moisturized?

Have you ever wondered why someone’s hair is always shining and silky, while someone’s is always brittle and dry? There may be many factors for this, but the primary one I think is moisture in the hair. Generally speaking, there are more than 6% to 30% of moisture in hair, depending on the external environment and the state of hair. For example, the hair moisture content is very high when just washing hair. While the moisture content is only 12% to 13% in the case of 65% relative humidity.

Why you need to keep hair moisturized?

It is inescapable to gain dryness if your hair is short of moisture. Thus, it will result in the elasticity and gloss of hair descending. At this time, you will have a feeling of friction when you stroke the hair. If things go on like this, the damage to hair can not be overlooked. Dryness will make the hair split and full of static, which will cause the hair to be more fragile and messy.

As we know, healthy hair is derived from healthy roots, and healthy roots is derived from healthy scalp. So in order to have healthy hair, you have to start with the scalp. Under the scalp’s surface is the sebaceous glands, which are the primary producers of oil called sebum. If the scalp is too dry, the pores of scalp will be blocked. And if this happens, there will be no way for the sebum to find its way out. Thus, hair will be affected and growing more and more weak.

If you are suffering from dryness and itches, consider the use of moisturizing shampoo and hair conditioner, which are known to help keep the hair moist, even in winter. Common shampoo tends to strip the hair of its natural oils. So you should use the moisturizing shampoo rather than the common one, while condition your hair more regularly. If you have easy access to a steam bath, then that would be a perfect place to apply the hair conditioners. The steam will help the cream penetrate each hair follicle. But keep in mind that try to take a warm, but not hot bath. Water that is too hot will not show great improvements, but make your hair feel more dry and itchy.

How to make hair hair moisturized?

Make it a habit to massage your scalp daily, right before you go to sleep. Simply run your fingers through your scalp in a gentle circular motion, which will promote blood circulation in your head. For best results, apply a natural oil to your scalp while massaging, which is highly recommended by experts and scientists. The top oils that have been proven to effectively moisturize hair and scalp are tea tree oil, olive oil and coconut oil. Hair care products with any of these ingredients will surely moisturize your hair effectively as long as you use them regularly.

In addition, of course, you also need to pay attention to your nutrition. A balanced diet with healthy types of oils and fats will help you to retain moisture in your hair. Meanwhile, drink a lot of water, which is important in all seasons. You may find that your hair isn’t nearly as dry as it used to be, if you drink 3 to 4 glasses of water per day.

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