How To Do Micro Braids With Human Hair?

Micro braids are tiny, delicate braids that are tightly woven into hair. This is a beautiful hairstyle that you can do so much with. You can wear them in various styles including a ponytail, bun, or any half-up style. And with proper care, micro braided hairstyles can be maintained for even several months. Micro braids are most commonly seen in African American community, but is more and more becoming a mainstream look for both men and women in western society.

micro braids

The best hair for micro braids is undoubtedly the human hair, which is smooth with an almost silk looking appearance. For starters, you will have to make sure your hair is as healthy as possible. In case you have no idea which products to use for a healthy hair, you may ask the advice of a hairstylist. He may help you learn how to care for your hair and be certain that it stands in its healthiest state. Trim your hair if necessary and moisturize it constantly.

Then separate a thin section of the hair and split it into three equal strands. You may choose the size of the hair section depending on how wide you want your braids to be. Generally, a section of hair of 2 to 4 inches wide is recommended. Afterwards, braid all thin pieces of hair, one at a time. The process is quite simple. You just have to cross the left strand over the middle and then the right strand.

Remember to braid your hair as tight as possible, all way down to the end. Then, use a small rubber band to tie the bottom of your braid. No matter what you use, you need to make sure that the ends are secured. Your entire hair should be braided in the same way you did with the first piece. And after that, you can enjoy your beautiful, shiny new hairstyle.

Another popular trend with micro braiding is to have extensions braided into the hair. This is one way of adding extensions to the hair to prevent them from falling out and can also make a braided hairstyle look fuller and longer. Doing the extensions is very similar to the general process, but requires a few additional steps to secure the hair. When considering additional length, make sure to choose a professional who has experience in braiding in extensions.

For daily caring, wash your micro braids as needed with a gentle shampoo. Carefully massage into the scalp and braids. Don’t rub too vigorously or the braids can come undone. Apply a light leave in conditioner to the hair for this will keep braids looking shiny and healthy, while keeping the hair and scalp nourished and moisturized. In the process of cleaning it, use products that are easy to remove from the braids as otherwise you will turn out ruining your new hairstyle in just a couple of days.

Although micro braids can last a few months and need very little maintenance, you’d better take out them after two or three months. After that, you can re-braid your hair, if you want.

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