Can I Wear A Wig in Summer?

In the eyes of many people, wearing a wig every day can be uncomfortable, especially in hot summer. “I wear a lot of lace front wigs, and some brands have thicker lace than others. In such hot weather, the lace was stabbing me in the forehead all day, so I have to toss out a beautiful wig as it was too thick and uncomfortable.” We often hear such complaints from ladies in summer. It appears that wearing a wig in summer can be a pain, but is there indeed nothing we can do to deal with it? Believe me, nothing can nonplus a person who desires to look attractive.


Although there are many unfavorable factors in wearing a wig during the hot summer, wig makers have made massive improvements in base construction to produce more air flow in a wig. With the right wig base, or wig cap, you can look great and feel cool. Wig bases come in a variety of materials and styles, and most can be adjusted to fit your head snugly. For example, a mono-top or mono-filament wig base creates a very natural appearance, but it can be very warm (even very hot in summer) on your scalp because it is not ventilated. So to try a capless base for a cooler wig as the open construction makes it lighter and cooler than ever, allowing air flowing freely.

Wigs are available in synthetic and human hair types. Both types come in many colors, and can be cut and styled to suit you. Synthetic hair always holds it style, even if you get sweaty or someone splashes water on you. A lightweight synthetic wig with a capless base can stay relatively cool on your scalp. While human hair wigs can be styled and restyled after each shampoo, so they can look and drape just like your natural hair. But these are often heavy and hot in warm weather. If you are concerned about scalp irritation, try a synthetic wig that is lightweight.

In addition, there are other methods to solve this problem. As we know that nobody will be willing to flaunt own buzz cut or bare scalp, so you can try a stretchy cotton skullcap on your head. A stretchy cotton skullcap can help absorb sweat and prevent skin irritation. While it is easy to hand wash and will dry overnight. Besides, a fishnet cap is also naturally ventilated and prevents your wig from slipping out of place. Moreover, you can use a sprinkle of baby powder on your scalp before you put your wig on for the day. The cornstarch will soak up perspiration and keep you feeling fresh, while won’t cause your skin dry.

However, if the weather is extremely hot, skip the tips above. You can wear a straw hat with a cotton liner, to which you can add bands, a ponytail, or a halo wig. Or else, choosing a natural fabric scarf or turban can also look great and feel good on a hot day.

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