What’s the Truth of Sudden Hair Loss in Men?

When you are suffering from sudden hair loss, don’t panic immediately before we find out what causes that as there’re actually numbers of conditions which may cause men to loss hair spontaneously.

Generally, the possible hair loss causes are varying from genetic factors to lifestyle factors, among which some are even preventable.

  • if it’s in your genes…

As surveyed, most common cause of sudden hair loss in men are imputed to male pattern boldness, for example, the familiar U-Shape balding patch on many men.

How to Fix: prescription tablet or a suitable toupee.

Sudden Hair Loss in Men

  • when you’re getting older, especially from 30 onwards…

Well, such a called mother nature, which I think no one could fight with some hair loss and thinning as aging.

How to Fix: hair transplants or also a suitable toupee.

Sudden Hair Loss in Men

  • sometimes it’s about your eating habit…

As your hair also needs enough nutrients to grow and stay healthy, if you’re engaging in an unhealthy weight loss or in low iron levels for long terms, hair shedding will occur.

How to Fix: a healthy, well-balanced diet.

Sudden Hair Loss in Men

  • when you’re too stressed…

Even sudden hair loss in men for the reason of being too stressed is rare to happen, but we can’t ignore that. Normally, this type of hair loss results in sudden widespread thinning, rather than a receding hairline.

How to Fix: taking regular exercise to manage the stress.

Sudden Hair Loss in Men

  • or you’re suffering from skin/scalp bad conditions…

Psoriasis — indicated by large white flakes, which would damage hair follicles and lead to temporary hair loss.

Seborrheic Dermatitis — indicated by small red but itchy patches, which will cause hair loss in large patches on head.

How to Fix: consult your doctor.


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