How To Wash A Synthetic Curly Wig?

Beauty trends are always changing from year to year. But in all variations of beauty, hairstyles seem fairly consistent. For those who are suffering from hair loss or graying hair, wigs could be great accessories to have on hand, as they can be worn effortlessly with almost no preparation. While the wig care, particularly when washing a synthetic curly wig, always troubles many people. In order to properly wash a wig, careful steps must be taken.

How to Wash A Synthetic Curly Hair

As for the synthetic curly wig, just follow a few simple steps, any women can easily prolong the lifespan of her wig, and keep it in an excellent condition. In normal cases, synthetic curly wigs are manufactured from very fine plastic filaments. These wigs are generally not as high quality as human hair, but the stiffness of the synthetic filaments allow them to hold styles with greater ease. Therefore, although the procedure for washing a wig made of either synthetic or human hair is almost the same, you can’t overlook the details.

Firstly, you should brush out the fibers of the synthetic curly wig in the washing process. Without brushing the wig, tangles and knots are only made worse once the wig is washed in water. Using a wig brush, a wide-tooth comb, or simply one’s fingers, gently brush out the wig’s fibers. Remember, the most effective method is to begin at the tips of the hair, carefully combing in a downward motion. Then slowly work up the hairs to the wig’s roots, until the entire wig has been thoroughly brushed.

After that, bathing the wig in water and shampooing it is the second step. A sink or bathtub should be filled with lukewarm water. Any temperature higher than that can damage the wig’s fibers. The hair piece should be submerged in the water, so that all of the hair, along with the wig cap, is completely wet. Once removed from the water, a small amount of wig shampoo should be applied to the washer’s hand. The shampoo should then be evenly distributed all the way from the roots to the tips. Besides, lightly rub the another dab of shampoo along the inside of the wig’s cap, but avoid the wig’s scalp, as this can loosen the knots holding the fibers in place.

Then rinse it and dry it correctly. Once the shampoo has been applied throughout the wig and its cap, it must be carefully rinsed with, preferably, cold water. The water should flow in the direction of the wig’s hair, from root to tip. If water flows in any other direction, tangling can easily occur. The wig must be rinsed thoroughly to ensure that no shampoo is left in the fibers, as the leftover of product can lead to a greasy, matted look. In the process of drying it, avoid the use of hair dryers, as the heat can cause extreme damage, even ruin the entire wig. You should dry it in the air in an upright position.

Caring for a synthetic curly wig needs particular attention to detail. But by knowing what equipment is required and thoroughly comprehending the steps above, you can easily make your wig look healthy and new.




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