Best oil for hair growth and thickness

How to help your hair grow and how to make your hair thick? In recent years, more and more women are throwing the store-bought hair care products away and trying out natural oils.
These oils have compounds that can not only promote hair growth but also keep it nourished and protect it from the damaging effects of pollution. Furthermore, regular oiling stimulates blood circulation and helps the hair absorb nutrients better, increasing the hair growth rate. In addition, these oils in your hair care routine can have multi-dimensional effect on the texture of your tresses.
We’ve brought together a list of essential oils that are known to promote hair growth and thickness.

Lavender Oil
1. Lavender Oil
Lavender oil has a lot of benefits as a natural therapy for hair. Some compounds in it promote growth of hair and improve the overall quality of the strands. Add it to your homemade hair mask to reap the benefits.

Coconut Oil
2. Coconut Oil
Structure of coconut oil is similar to the natural oils found on your scalp, which allows it to nourish hair strands, without weighing it down. Also, coconut oil packs a powerful punch of lauric acid and Vitamin E, both of which are known to bolster hair growth.

Peppermint Essential Oil
3. Peppermint Essential Oil
Peppermint oil acts as a natural stimulant. It penetrates through the hair shaft, locks in the moisture, strengthens roots and promotes hair growth. Massage this oil onto your scalp at least once in a week to reap the benefits. Its healing aroma can soothe the senses and relieve stress.

Castor Oil
4. Castor Oil
Castor oil contains lots of vitamin E, proteins, and minerals. Castor oil has anti-microbial properties, which will help you get rid of dandruff and other scalp issues. Castor oil moisturizes and softens hair, maintaining the moisture level in the hair. Castor oil aids in blood circulation and therefore results in faster hair growth.

Best oil for hair growth and thickness
5. Olive Oil
Olive oil is light in weight and it contains oleic acid, which works as a natural conditioner, repairing the damaged ends and infusing moisture back into the dry hair shaft! Olive oil has a high concentration of anti-oxidants which is good for both hair and skin. Olive oil is the best natural conditioner available and will give you touch ably soft and smooth hair with regular use.

Sesame oil
6. Sesame oil
Sesame oil is used as a base oil in many ayurvedic preparations for hair growth, for example, bhringraj oil. Since sesame oil is anti-microbial, it treats a lot of scalp infections and fungal infections. Sesame is best when used as a hot oil treatment. It conditions hair, nourishes scalp, and gets rid of dandruff and the vitamin E in the oil boosts hair growth.

Though oiling the hair have many benefits, it is recommended to oil the hair not more than once a week, as oiling too much will disrupt the natural pH balance of your scalp, leaving it greasy and prone to breakage.

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