What Is A Micro Braid?

Micro braids are a unique hairstyle made up of dozens or hundreds of small single braids, which are extremely popular among women from all over the world. This is an elegant and refined style featuring small, delicate braids, so the micro braids are sometimes called “invisible braids.” In western society, this style has become a mainstream look for both men and women. Particularly in the African-American community, this is a fashionable hairstyle that can make any one stand out. Nowadays, this elegant look has become a fashion icon in modern society.

Although this style is recognized by many fashion experts as a remarkable look, it is still relatively rare, for the braids are made out of each section of the hair which can be quite time consuming. Most often, the braids are put into hair by a professional hairstylist who has experience with the needs of the style. Hair will often go through a deep conditioning process before braiding to avoid damage. Depending on the length of your hair and the method of braiding used, a professional braiding session can take up to 12 hours. While for those with thin or too short hair, synthetic pieces may be added to create a fuller look with more braids.

Micro braids can be worn in a variety of styles, once the initial braiding is done. Like regular hair, it can be pulled into a ponytail, bun, or any half-up style. It can also be used to create large braids or French braids. Some micro braids can even be curled with rollers or a curling iron. In addition, micro braids are often accessorized with a variety of hair ornaments. Beads can be woven into the strands during braiding, creating a vibrant, multicolored look. Hair accessories can also be attached onto the bottom of each strands, such as clips, beads and jewels.

Many people get this type of braids because they require little daily maintenance. However, individuals who get their hair micro braided should be prepared to wear this hairstyle for a long time. With proper care, micro braids can stay gorgeous for up to three months. The process of getting the braids put in generally takes several hours, and getting the braids removed can take just as long. Very small braids can also be very damaging to hair and can cause extensive breakage. Women with dry, brittle hair should be especially cautious when getting these braids done as they can also cause hair loss.

If you are trying for a whole new look to last you a few months, consider speaking to a professional about micro braids. They will be able to tell you if your hair is capable of withstanding the process without harm, and can possibly guide you in the direction of a similar, easier style if the braids would damage your hair. Braiding can not only add varieties of elegance to the hairstyle, but also take it from casual day hair to a spectacular, dressy look in no time. With this hairstyle, you can easily catch eyes and attract notice around every corner.

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