How To Curl Hair While Sleeping?

You love your curly looks, no matter they’re natural or made in salon. But if without careful care, you may have a a mess of tangle curly hair when waking up. A full night’s sleep may cause curly hair to become crushed, frizzy or tousled, which can make you feel frustrating after having spent time and money on curling your hair. Curly hair needs to be propped properly before bedtime, how to curl hair while sleeping? There are several ways to maintain your curls overnight so that you can sleep soundly with your hairstyle still look great in the morning.

Curl hair while sleeping

There is an effective method to avoid hair being tangled that is applying the towel to hair, especially when it is wet. After having a shower at night, you may be likely to go to bed immediately after a whole day’s work. At this time, if you don’t do something to your hair, it is almost impossible to lie in bed. Then the wet hair will moisten your pillowcase, while your hair will be a mess of tousle in the next morning.With a towel, you will avoid both of these embarrassments. Comb the hair into a simple style, then wrap the towel around it. Tie the sides of the towel so that it will remain securely on your head. With these steps you can have a sweet dream in peace and curl hair while sleeping easy.

If you don’t like wrapping hair with a towel, then a hairband or a beanie may do the same work. Before going to sleep, pile your hair on top of your head and secure it with a headband or beanie. Ensure that the hairband or beanie is not too tight as this might cut your hair. Tie it in a way that ensures the hair is held securely. When you wake up in the morning, the process is equally simple. Just remove your hairband or beanie and gently shake your hair out.

How To Curl Hair While Sleeping, hairbandAnother unique way to style the curly hair for bedtime is to braid your hair into one or several plaits. A braid is a great style as it keeps curls in place throughout the night, while it is very easy to deconstruct in the morning before brushing. Not only does this style prevent the hair from becoming crushed, it also keeps the hair nice and tidy. You can create loose braids to maintain loose, natural curls, or form tighter braids to achieve a crimped style with smaller, tighter curls. Make plaits will solve how to curl hair while sleeping in a short time with easy way.

While you can also choose to sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase to help you keep your curly hairstyle. As these fabrics allow your hair to glide over the pillowcase as you sleep. While rougher materials, such as cotton or polyester, can cause friction and muss your curls. In addition, a pillowcase made of cotton will also absorb the oil on hair, which might cause hair to wither or break. But a satin pillowcase will ensure your curls in good condition and help prevent matting because of the smooth surface which promotes less friction.

Follow these simple tips, and you will be able to maintain your curls while sleeping instead of having to redo them all over again in the morning.

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