How to Fix A Matted Wig

Well, it’s not such easy to maintain long and beautiful hair, as well as synthetic wigs, and one of the most frustrating things during hair caring is probably having to constantly deal with knots and tangles, which we also can’t avoid completely. However and still, there’s something we can do to minimize and fix a matted wig. In this post, we’ll tell you why does a synthetic wig tangle, how to minimize tangling and how to fix a matted wig.

How to Fix A Matted Wig

Why Does Your Synthetic Wig Tangle?

Generally, there’re a few reasons why your hair is tangling or easy to tangle, for example, the hair texture, frequency of brushing, exposure to wind, etc.

 How to Minimize Synthetic Wig Matted?

Here’re some favorite tips on how you can do that, though matted wig can’t be avoided completely.

  • Condition your wig (only the wig ends to avoid greasy roots), especially after you wash the wig (Tutorial: How to Wash A Synthetic Wig); and a deep conditioning mask every one or two weeks is necessary;
  • Wide tooth comb is better than brush to efficiently revive the matted wig and protect it from being further torn and damaged;
  • Brush the synthetic wig 2-3 times a day gently, especially before sleep (How to Sleep with Hair Extensions);
  • Avoid any products with alcohol ingredient as it would dry out your hair, thus making it more easily prone to get matted (How to Wash A Wig Without Shampoo?);
  • Braid your wig sometimes, not leaving it up in a ponytail or in a loose state all the time;

How to Fix A Matted Wig?

  1. Brush the matted synthetic wig from the bottom to remove the knots;
  2. Separate the hair into two different sections, one tied up in a bun and the other loose;
  3. Steam the loose hair part slowly and barely for few minutes to restore the moisture back into it;
  4. Take a comb and go through it;

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