How to Stop A Wig from Shedding?

If you have a new wig, I guess you will want to take good care of it to get a long use time. Maybe one or two weeks later, you find it shed a lot from the new look wig, the thing worries you and you need to know how to stop a wig from shedding. Oh, it seems that I met some customers around me happen to know the answer, Here I will tell you the solutions.

what is wig shedding

First, it’s necessary to know what wig shedding is. Wig shedding is a kind of phenomenon which may caused by careless treatment with a not good care. Some reasons in details, just like, combing the wig in a rude way after clean it. Or, you just forget to dry the wig before comb it. Sometimes, customers are not willing to spend an extra on a special care for their wigs, however, they need to know applying extremely oily or greasy hair care products to the hair and washing the wig with a not appropriate hot water will cause wig shedding. Your behaviors may bring wig shedding to yourself. So, what should you do to stop a wig from shedding in the daily life?

How to stop a wig from shedding?

Find some useful suggestions from other pages, try to follow them as much as you can, I believe you will stop wig shedding with them to some extend. Let’s start.
How to Stop A Wig from Shedding 1
1.Many posts mentioned a product in a high frequency, that is “Knot Sealer”. This is a small spray bottle that can be used to seal the knots on a lace wig for example. Why it happen in the post? Because the hair shedding mostly cause of incorrect wig care condition if the wig is double knots. So you will get a good condition if you have the knot Sealer. Just let’s back to it. This spray should ideally be applied to the mesh or lace by turning the wig inside out. However make sure the wig is dry before wearing it. In addition to it is usually a good idea to reseal the knots after every wash. It will prove that using a useful tool is a wise choice about the wig.

2. People always have feeling that their heads are suffer under itch and they will have the action to relieve it by scratching their heads. Or some other kinds of irritation on the scalp causes scratch too, which is really hurtful for the wig and it will cause it to shed. Here is the suggestion about how to stop a wig from shedding, try to avoid scratching heads or scalps while you are wearing a wig. The hair care experts will advise you to treat the sensible scalp with a care shampoo that will enable your scalp receive more moisture to reach a health condition.

3. Notice the way you combing your hair. Remember to care the wig from the tip to the root, because it’s the right order and it’s irreversible. Care products should go on the dry wig, not the wet hair. You will stop the wig shedding if you are much more careful on the wig.

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