How to Attach a Men’s Toupee?

For the males who are suffering from baldness or hair loss, wearing a toupee is a popular way to hide these shortcomings. A toupee can help these men not only completely change their look, but also regain a youthful appearance. While no one will know what you are wearing is not your natural hair. In order to create a natural look, the toupee has to be placed securely and evenly on the wearer’s head. Generally, there are a number of different ways to attach a men’s toupee to one’s scalp. Among them, using toupee tape is the most common one.

Although it is a simple way to attach a toupee with the help of adhesive tape, there is still more to learn than just throwing it on top of one person’s head. Unlike the long-haired wig, the toupee is usually a hairpiece that is designed to look like part of the wearer’s real hair. And under common cases, it is too small to sit securely on one’s head without falling off if there is not something adhesive being used between the toupee and scalp. Before applying the tape, there are some important preliminary steps which you should follow firstly.

The process for attaching a men’s toupee starts by selecting the right toupee tape. There are many varieties of tape to choose from, lasting from 1 day to 3 weeks of holding. In the ordinary course of events, the weakest tape can make the toupee stick to your scalp for a maximum of 24 hours. While the stronger one can last days. And the longest holding one is known as bonding tape, which can last even weeks. So you must select the proper kind of tape according to different situations.

Then, what you should do is to turn the toupee inside out and place it on a wig stand or over a towel wadded into roughly the shape of one’s head. It’s important to avoid laying the hairpiece on a flat surface while applying the adhesive, as this can both damage the toupee and complicate the application of the tape. After that, check the toupee carefully for any adhesive residue left behind from the last attachment. If any remains, spray it with a light coat of solvent and remove it before applying a new layer of tape.

Afterwards, attach the toupee tape you selected to the toupee. Generally, toupee tape is double-sided, which allows one side to stick to the toupee and the other to stick to your exposed scalp. Follow the contours of the toupee and do not get any tape stuck to the hair. Meanwhile, moisten your scalp with water, which will delay the adhesive from bonding when it touches your scalp, giving you time to readjust the position of the hairpiece, if necessary. At last, place the toupee lightly on the head and position it.

In this way, you can easily be able to have the handsome appearance you desired, and get compliments for your beautiful hair that looks perfectly natural.

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