How To Use Toupee Tape?

Have you ever used a toupee? If that, you will find that using a toupee is quite different from using a wig. Although both functions of them are the same, they are used to cover areas of one person’s head with real or synthetic hair, they are actually worn and used differently from each other. A toupee requires the toupee tape to secure it to one’s scalp, while a wig does not really need the tape to keep it in place. But why?

How To Use Toupee Tape

In the ordinary course of events, a toupee is a kind of short wig designed mostly for male, and it is too small to sit securely on someone’s head without falling off if it is not used with a certain type of adhesive tape. Unlike the long-haired wig, the toupee is a hairpiece that is made to look like part of the person’s real hair and is worn to cover bald or thinning spots of hair on the wearer’s head. That is why the toupee tape is needed with toupees. Thus, we have to find out how to use the toupee tape properly.

First of all, you should choose the right toupee tape. Toupee tape can come in many different varieties and colors, which indicate their adhesion strength. Under common cases, white toupee tape is the weakest and can make your toupee stick to your scalp for a maximum of 24 hours. While the yellow and red tapes are stronger and can last days, even weeks. So you must select the proper kind of tape according to different situations.

tape for toupee

If you are planning to wear the same toupee for a few days or weeks, and are not planning to wash your head during this time, a stronger tape, such as the yellow or red-colored tape, should be used. While if you are going to use a different toupee the next day, it might be best for you to use the white-colored tape on your toupee.

After selecting the right tape, what you should do is to make sure a clean skull cap on the toupee. Before wearing, remove any old tape that might be left and remove any stray hair that might be sitting on the skull cap.

Then put the toupee on a flat surface with the hair side down and the skull cap side up. Meanwhile, brush the hair away from the skull cap and its edges as well. Cut the toupee tape that you selected into small pieces and start laying them down along the edges of the toupee’s skull cap. Make sure you stay the pieces within the borders of the skull cap and not have the tape touching any of the hair on the outer edge. Once covering the entire outer area of the skull cap, fill in the middle part with more toupee tape which is cut in small pieces as well.

At last, place the hairpiece on your head and press it onto the right place. With the help of the appropriate toupee tape, you don’t have to worry about doing strenuous activities that might put your hairpiece off its proper place.

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