Best Hair Color For African American Dark Skin with Pictures

As a suitable hair color is as important as a suitable hair style to improve your total image, especially to some of you who are with African American dark skin as there would be more factors to consider when making the decisions. So what’s the best hair color for African American dark skin? Here’s a breakdown of nice hair colors for dark skin, including darker and lighter shades and hues, that I think, will look great when done correctly.

Red Hair Color for African American Dark Skin

Red is perfect as it will enrich some glow into your African American dark skin for its absolute contrast. Well, for the right level of red, how dark, how warm, cool or light to go with, here’re tips:

  • subtle dark;
  • lightening is necessary;
  • red hair highlights;

Hair Color For African American Dark Skin

Blonde Hair Color for African American Dark Skin

When talking about blonde hair color, most of you maybe will associate with American blondes. Can it also look great with African American black skin people? Surely YES!!!

As African Americans’ skin tones are generally of medium skin tone, so it’s better not to move beyond two shades from the natural hair color.

  • golden blonde hue;
  • balance the darker roots;

Hair Color For African American Dark Skin

Ombre Hair Color for African American Dark Skin

If preferring to ombre hair color, it is great to create a lot of texture with in the ends of your hair with the latest curling hairstyles, amazing that it will be.

  • deep chocolate brown;
  • caramel ombre highlights;
  • thick or medium curls;

Hair Color For African American Dark Skin

Green, Blue and Other Outrageous Hair Color for African American Dark Skin 

If you’re feeling a little bit more playful and bold, go for green, blue or even violet hues in an ombre, as an ombre of any color looks amazing on every shade of skin.



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