The Relationship between Hair Loss and Vitamin

With the development of society, people pay more and more attention to the quality of life. But the problems which go with progress are also haunting the modern people. And hair loss may be one of these problems. Hair loss is a common problem, not only among women but also among men. Many people believe that hair loss has only relations to gene. If your family has no such genetic disease, you have no need to worry about it. In fact, hair loss has not only relations to gene, but also to some external factors.


The healthy growth of hair needs vitamin, protein and some trace elements. And in our daily diet, vegetables and fruits are rich in these ingredients. Among them, vitamin is usually considered as the source of life. Interestingly, a recent study found a connection between hair loss and vitamin deficiency. The researchers found that vitamin may play a role to promote normal growth of hair follicles. Even though no human study had been done to confirm the finding, the possible connection may be relevant for future development of hair loss prevention products.

Vitamin A plays an important role in maintaining the normal function of epithelium. Meanwhile, it can also restrain the creation of scalp sebum and promote the growth of hair. Eggs, nuts, milk, meat, spinach and carrots are the main source of vitamin A. But remember that don’t take excessive vitamin A, or else it will cause headache and sleeplessness. Or even worse, it will result in hair loss.

Vitamin B3 can improve the circulation of blood in scalp and speed up the metabolism. Leaven, meat, grain and fish are rich in this element. So you should wisely arrange your daily diet. Vitamin B6 helps the growth of hair follicles, renews the falling hair and promotes the hair to reveal a smoother, brighter appearance. The main source of vitamin B6 is eggs, grain and lean meat, but if taking much more than you need, it will result in numbness of hands and feet. While the function of vitamin B12 is to prevent the damage from external factors. And chicken contains much of vitamin B12.

Besides, the significance of vitamin C is to activate the wall of capillaries, let the hair root smoothly absorb nutrition from blood. The food which is rich in vitamin C includes lemon, orange and grape, as well as some vegetables. As for vitamin D, some researches have found that low level of iron and vitamin D is possibly related to the inhibition of essential enzyme and the resulting hair loss. So the supplementation of vitamin D can be a possible cure to this problem.

Since long-term supplementation of vitamin is not recommended, you can prevent the hair loss by consuming high-vitamin food. In addition, going out to get sun exposure is another way to supply vitamin. Direct contact with the sun is important to provide your body and hair with vitamin supplies. However, too much exposure of sun is not recommended, since excessive sun exposure can make the hair harsh, thus intervening its growth.

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