Which To Choose, Poly Vs Lace Base?

How to choose a wig, poly VS lace base? It’s a problem that makes the new users confused. They have no ideas about what’s the difference between them and which one should be taken. Actually, no matter what base you get will depend on how much you know about them, for example, what kind of look you want to have with the hair base or how much will you like to spend for it. So I don’t know what’s the true answer to you while you are swinging about how to choose. Then, hope you will know what to do after reading this post about  poly VS lace base. Okay, let’s begin.

Poly Vs Lace Base 1

Poly base was popular for its long durability and  easy to wear. If you are a young user, the poly perimeter is much better to your head because you will find the bonding is so strong after wearing the poly suit. And as how easy you wear it, it’s quite quick for you to take it off and clean all up, especially you have no worry about those stupid tape hassle. I guess that’s why some people speak highly of poly base and think it’s easy come and easy go. Being young, a heavier density and a longer hairstyle easily masked the poly. Besides, a good tape (or you may called it as adhesive, or a glue) could help users get rid of ties or embarrassments. Just like, it’s easy to wear a poly base to run, jogging or even have a swimming. So, as you know, poly base is really a good choice until we get close to lace base.

Poly Vs Lace Base 2

In recent studies, more and more users prefer lace base. Why? The lace base is said to be the best as it’s undetectable and lightweight. Yes, it’s easy to know the lace material makes the hair replacement systems more light and airy. A lace base has a lighter density on scalp than poly base which means it enable users get less pressure on their heads. Some experiences shared with those who has both systems, lace base make their no hassles about sweaty on their scalp. That means the lace will weight more than poly base in areas with some very hot and terrible weather. But lace base needs more hair care if you want to get a better longevity than poly. Which means it will take you long time and more money to take care of a lace wig. Of course, I think it’s totally necessary to have a lace base if you never have a try before. Get one and experience it, you will figure out why so many users choose lace base. It’s worthwhile. There are some posts about how to take care of your wigs or toupees, check here to get more tips.

Last, I want to offer you more a choice about poly VS lace base. Why not you spend more to buy yourself two kind of systems at first time? The facts speak themselves.





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