How to Stop A Wig from Looking Shiny?

One of the best performances of a good wig is the wig will make it look nature on the head. However, synthetic wigs always comes to your head with a shinny looking, which makes you spend much more to choose a true hair wig. So, I think lots of you will wonder that how to stop a wig from looking shiny? If we can make the wig less shiny, it will save you more money on a synthetic wig. Why not try some tips to stop the shinny and pay more attention on how to care the wigs?

Unnatural shine is quite a trouble when you are preparing for a good look with the wig. Here comes the first tip is ready for you, that is, please try to use some dry shampoo to remove the shinny. Occasionally, there are some chemicals in the shampoo’s ingredient list in order to make the hair smooth and shining. However, those good compositions are not so friendly to your wig. As the wig is made of synthetic hair that they can’t receive the nutrient as much as the true hair. So these ordinary shampoo may make the wig shiny than before. What should you do? Just try some dry shampoos to decrease the shine in synthetic wigs. I read a post of some products and here is a link to it. Get some details here and I guess you will find your answer. If you have no time to read more about them, I will show you the result about it. From left to right, we have Bumble & Bumble Dry Shampoo (which you’ve mostly heard me talk about as a scalp concealer for bald spots, Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo,Pantene Pro-V Blowout Extend Dry Shampoo, Batiste Dry Shampoo, and Klorane Dry Shampoo (with Oat Milk).

how to stop a wig from looking shiny -dry shampoos

Attach true feelings and experiences from the original post, “I’ve actually used BOTH of these products. I like using the Batiste first as a light base coat. Then the Klorane on top of it to finish the job – the more-natural smell of the Klorane stands out then (the scent of the Batiste isn’t bad, I just much prefer the Klorane), and I use less of the more-expensive Klorane that way.”

Also there is another tip waiting for you.  Just wash the wig by diluting baking soda, woolite or regular shampoo in a tub or sink full of water. It’s a good way to help the wig get rid of the fake shiny. Please remember not to rub the wig rude if you don’t want to have a fake wig when washing it.  Flush the wig in the water and shake it gently, then you can drain the water and mix 1/4 conditioner in the sink or tub with some water and give it a good conditioning rinse. Let the wig air dry and then comb it out. You will find the wig is nature after a good care washing.

how to stop a wig from looking shiny -sodaAt last, here is a video about how to stop a wig from looking shiny, hope all your beauties will like it.

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