How to Recognize a Toupee?

The history of people wearing toupees has been around thousands of years. It is known that Julius Caesar wore a toupee, and some people think that he might have worn his famous wreath to hide his diminishing hairline. With the growth of pressure in modern society, more and more young people joined the ranks of hair loss. Baldness and thinning spots of hair have ruthlessly destroyed the image of many lady-killers. And this problem obviously makes the handsome guys distressed very much. So how about applying a toupee? Can people tell that the hair you are wearing is a fake?

This is undoubtedly a difficult question to answer, as different people wearing different toupees will lead to different results. Toupee used by men has grown by leaps and bounds in the last one hundred years, with many men wanting to appear more youthful and to recreate the great heads of hair they once had. But the problem is that most toupees look terrible. Imagine what will come to your mind, when thinking about the word “toupee”? Maybe you are envisioning a fake-looking toupee that appears to just sit on a man’s head, with stiff, synthetic and unnatural looking hair.

In fact, some toupees look so unnatural and, throughout history, they always top the humorous topics of discussion. Who could forget the comedic images we have seen in movies and on television of a burst of wind suddenly lifting up a man’s toupee, leaving it flapping in the wind, or of a man being unaware that his toupee is sitting crooked on his head when talking with a pretty woman. Every man wants to look sexy, youthful and attractive. However, once you wear the wrong toupee, you will soon be found that it is not your natural hair.

For a toupee of low quality, there are many ways to identify it. One way to tell is to look at the area at the temples where the hair grows forward in a point on each sides. Those areas on a man with several hair loss have usually receded. Thus, if a man has a thick and youthful hairline, while the hair at the sides goes up in a straight line from the sideburns, then it is likely a toupee he is wearing. In addition, there is another not entirely foolproof way to pick out a toupee. As we know that most older men have some sorts of hair loss. If the man is very mature, yet his hair is very dense and strong, and the hairline looks very low, then the hair on his head maybe a fake.

Generally, most toupees can be identified simply because they don’t quite look right. The human eyes can easily pick out the unnatural. Just give a glance at his head, if a man’s hair looks lifeless, odd, or the sides have a slightly different color than the top, then you know that something is up. But for the toupee of high quality, these methods may not work. As a matter of fact, the Hollywood star, Sean Connery wore toupees in all of his James Bond films, but no one found the secret on his head.

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