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Celebrity Wigs

Here we collect lots of celebrity hair styles, like Beyonce, Rihanna,Tyra Banks, Jessica Simpson, Oprah, etc. so that you can find your idols' or perferred hairstyle pictures. And you're free of worries about people around would know that you are wearing a wig. Now you have a chance to become a super star!

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Celebrity Wigs

  1. Kim Kardashian Inspired Human Hair Wigs Instock Blonde Color Straight Bob Wigs

    Picture:14 inch #613 bob straight style 130% density human hair lace wig

    Regular Price: $252.94

    Special Price $164.41

  2. 【Wigs】Zendaya Inspired Natural Hairline Loose Curly Human Hair Wigs

    Picture:22 inch color #2 loose curly style 150% density human hair lace wig
  3. 【Wigs】Katy Perry Human Hair Wigs Blonde Color Silky Straight Wig

    Picture:10 inch #2T60 silky straight style 130% density human hair lace wig
  4. 【Wigs】Jennifer Hudson Human Hair Wigs Curly Lace Wig

    Picture:16 inch natural color curly style 180% density human hair lace wig 
  5. 【Wigs】Emilia Clarke Human Hair Wigs Loose Wave Wig

    Picture:22 inch color #4 loose wave style 130% density human hair lace wig
  6. 【Wigs】Ciara Human Hair Wigs High Density Curly Wig

    Picture:22 inch natural color curly style 180% density human hair lace wig
  7. 【Wigs】Cary rae jepsen Human Hair Wigs Bob Wig with Bangs

    Picture:10 inch natural color natural straight bob style 130% density human hair lace wig
  8. 【Wigs】angelina jolie Human Hair Wigs Natural Straight Wig Natural Color

    Picture:16 inch natural color natural straight style 130% density human hair lace wig 
  9. 【Wigs】Jojo Offerman Human Hair Wigs Kinky Curly Wig

    Picture:22 inch natural color kinky curly style 180% density human hair lace wig
  10. 【Wigs】Jennifer Hudson Human Hair Wigs Natural Straight Wig

    Picture:22 inch natural color natural straight style 130% density human hair lace wig


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