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613 Blonde Human Hair Wigs

Rocking wigs means total hair freedom. You can switch up looks in a matter of minutes. Have you been fantasizing about having a blonde hair but you're not very keen on going through the long hours of harsh bleaching? Save your healthy hair by checking out our gorgeous 613 Blonde Human Hair Wig Collection. Our wigs are 100% made of human hair, they are bouncy and shiny, and carefully crafted to withstand repeated washing and styling. Whatever length you need, our comprehensive collection has the silky soft blonde wig to suit your face shape and style. Our wigs come with pre-plucked hairlines, this further enhances the natural look of the wig with plenty of baby hairs. Yeap, it's time to go blonde in just a click.

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613 Blonde Human Hair Wigs

  1. Kim Kardashian Inspired Human Hair Wigs Instock Blonde Color Wavy Bob Wigs

    Picture:14 inch #613 bob wavy style 130% density human hair lace wig  

    Regular Price: $252.94

    Special Price $164.41

  2. #613 Blonde Wig U Part Human Hair Wig Silky Straight 1.5"x4" Middle Part U Wig

    Picture:24 inch #613 silk straight style 130% density 1.5*4 middle part u part wig  

    Regular Price: $257.00

    Special Price $182.47

  3. Ombre Blonde Lace Wig Brazilian Hair Bob Wig Ombre Color #1B T #613

    Picture:12 inch ombre color #1b T #613 bob style 130% density lace wig 
  4. Human Hair Wigs Silky Straight Peruvian Hair Blonde #613 Lace Wigs

    Picture:18 inch color #613 silky straight style 130% density lace front wig  
  5. Human Hair Lace Wigs Brazilian Hair Straight Wig #1B/#613 Ombre Color

    Picture:22inch #1b/#613 toned color straight style 130% density lace wig
  6. Silky Straight Malaysian Human Hair Blonde Color #613 Lace Wigs

    Picture:18 inch color #613 silky straight style 130% density lace wig  
  7. Ombre Blonde #613 Best Fashion Straight Human Hair Bob Wigs

    Picture:12 inch #2/#613 ombre bob straight style 130% density human hair lace wig
  8. Blonde Human Hair Wigs Dark Root Ombre Color Silky Straight Lace Wigs

    Picture:16 inch #2/#613ombre silky straight style 130% density human hair lace wig
  9. Natural Hairline Lace Wig Blonde Color #613 Natural Wavy Human Hair Wigs

    Picture:18 inch blonde color #613 natural wavy style 130% density lace wig

    Regular Price: $258.00

    Special Price $167.70

  10. Human Hair Wigs Body Wave Blonde Color #613 Natural Hairline Lace Wigs

    Picture:18 inch blonde color #613 body wave style 130% density lace wig

    Regular Price: $258.00

    Special Price $167.70


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